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Edamame with Sesame Seeds

Looking for a nutrient-rich, plant-based protein-packed snack to get you through to your next meal? All alone, edamame has you covered. Plant-based proteins are all the rage these days – and for good reason. Consistent evidence shows us that, in general, an eating plan that is higher in plant-based foods – fruits, vegetables legumes, nuts […]

Protein Packed Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Mix up your smoothie selection with this creamy orangesicle smoothie. I talk a lot about how to eat healthy on the go – that’s what inspired this protein packed orange creamsicle smoothie recipe. I have a boat-load of smoothie recipes using protein powder and Greek yogurt, so I thought it was time to mix up […]

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I’m like so many of you; a busy mom, working everyday to balance work, family and fun – all while doing my best to stay fit and healthy. My life + my experience is how I became an expert on Living Healthy On The Go.

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Heather is a Food, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant, Spokesperson, Speaker and Author

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